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At Gamadale Stud, we are extremely proud to offer structurally sound rams for commercial stud purposes. Our first stud ram was 126128. He was the top-priced ram we purchased at the first exclusive Tattykeel Australian White sale. We purchased him for $12,000, and he bred extremely well, leaving us with a solid foundation to build our flock on.  We continue to purchase and breed from the highest quality Rams to ensure the continual improvement of our Flock. 


Our Australian White rams are an excellent combination of the Dorper, Poll Dorset, Texel and Van Rouy sheep breed genetics. Every one of our easy care rams is renowned for its hardiness and stability. The goal of this breed was to produce a lamb that would yield well and produce a well muscled carcass. 

Gamadale 200051 ET.jpg

Gamadale 200051 ET

Gamadale 200057 ET_edited.jpg

Gamadale 200057 ET

Tattykeel Anzac 200163.jpg

Tattykeel 'Anzac' 200163

Originally sold by Tattykeel in 2021 for $150,000 to Neil Garnett

Tattykeel 210042 ET.jpg

Tattykeel 210042 ET

Full Brother to Tattykeel 'Platinum'

Gamadale 210235.jpg

Gamadale 210235

Sold in 2022 for $25,000 to Hannevale Australian Whites

Gamadale 200069 ET_edited.jpg

Gamadale 200069 ET

Highest Prices Ram in 2021, Sold to KD Sheep Studs for $23,000

Gamadale 200166 ET_edited.jpg

Gamadale 200166

Sold to Allaye Australian Whites for $15,000


Gamadale 200049 & Gamadale 190077

Gamadale 190027 ET_edited.jpg

Gamadale 190027 ET

Highest Prices Ram at 2020 Sale for $13,000

Gamadale 180295 ET_edited.jpg

Gamadale 180295 ET

Sold to Double C Australian Whites for $8,000 at 2020 Sale

Left - Tattykeel 171354 right -Tattykeel 170217.jpg

Tattykeel 171354 & Tattykeel 170217

Purchased in 2018 for $27,000     Purchased in 2018 for $14,000

Tattykeel 161000.jpg

Tattykeel 161000

Purchased in 2017 for $16,000

Tattykeel 150826.jpg

Tattykeel 150826

Purchased in 2016 for $18,000

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