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Gamadale Australian Whites

1982 is when it all began - when Nip Rowney a stock agent at the time and wife Dianne Rowney began breeding poll dorsets. over the next 30 years they worked diligently to develop a large client base and further pursued the breeding capabilities of white Dorper and Damara sheep.


2011 was a pivotal time for the Rowney Family with a change in farming practices that brought the need for a breed of sheep that was practical and would meet the demands of the market - The Australian whites ticked all the boxes! 


2015 brought Ben and wife Sheena on board with Ben developing a passion for pedigrees and genetics.


Today Gamadale stud are proud to offer structurally sound rams and ewes for commercial stud purposes. 


The Aussie white breed presents an excellent structure for producing saleable lambs at market.

A hair breed is a feature that allows ease of care making them a practical choice with no shearing required. 

The adaptability of the Australian whites make them an excellent choice to suit the varied climates and conditions of the country. 

Gamadale Australia White Sheep stud strive to produce high quality stock that meet the  needs of their clientele

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